Cost Optimisation

A successful Telecom Expense Management (TEMS) solution should provide a Position Return on Investment.

Optimisation is the cornerstone to a Telecom cost savings strategy. 

VoicePlus TEMS optimisation programs are applied to:

  • Plan Optimisation
  • Redundant Service Optimisation
  • Device Optimisation
  • Billing Errors

VoicePlus TEMs solution acts on the optimisation analysis, implementing workflows to deliver optimisation outcomes. 

So, instead of giving the business multiple reports and leaving administrators to act, VoicePlus accepts responsibility for interpreting the analysis and undertaking agreed activities, then reports on the savings achieved.

Plan optimisation can work two ways – the business can be paying for plan allowances that are not being used, or, individual services can be attracting excessive charges for usage which is not included in the plan.

At VoicePlus, our plan optimisation analysis is based on proprietary reporting software developed to isolate anomalies and capture instances of excessive use and under-use.

It will also analyse total mobile fleet usage to identify trend data; and where relevant to ensure total shared and bundled data is adequate.


VoicePlus Redundant Service Optimisation program investigates all the telco services being used by individuals, sites or service groups and determines if the service is being used.

We then work with you to determine if the service is redundant and the best approach to cancel, redeploy, or change the service plan.

VoicePlus' proactive approach and proven workflow processes reduce your cost without impacting our business.

Device optimisation ensures that an organisation knows exactly what devices it has, where they are located, what content they hold, who they are assigned to, and what they cost.

When utilised in conjunction with an MDM platform, device optimisation outcomes will also protect the business if devices are lost or stolen.

Device optimisation opportunities include

  • Removal or redeployment of redundant devices
  • Visibility of end users with multiple devices
  • Devices not enrolled on MDM/EMM platform

Research has shown that between 3 % to 5 % of telecom bills contain errors.

VoicePlus' Telecom Expense Management solution reviews, compare, and analyses your telecom bill monthly to identify billing errors.

We submit your billing errors to your Telecom provider with all relevant information. We have achieved a 95 % success rate for claiming billing errors.