Modern Slavery Statement



This statement is made in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) on behalf of VoicePlus Pty Ltd (ACN 081 846 586) and its subsidiaries:

  • VoicePlus Data Pty Ltd (ACN 062 997 924)

  • VoicePlus Services Private Ltd

  • Atrium EndPoint Limited


At VoicePlus, we believe that innovation, excellence and client success is driven by focussing on our people and working as one team. Through our values: people first, integrity, client focus, collaboration and sustainability we have the opportunity to shape the future of our world.


VoicePlus’ supply chain comprises suppliers of products and services to our operations, including insurance, legal and financial advisors, software andtechnology providers, stationery and materials, catering services and ride sharing.


Due to the nature of our business as a professional services provider, the risks of Modern Slavery (as defined in the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth)) within our business are generally relatively low. However, we acknowledge that there may be risks of Modern Slavery within our supply chain arising primarily from:

  • purchase of commodities, products and services for use in operations, particularly where the supply chain utilises unskilled labour (for example supply of office goods and use of gig economy services); and

  • any failure of our partners, sub-contractors, contingent workers or suppliers to comply with ethical andresponsible business practices, including in relation to Modern Slavery.


VoicePlus manages risks of Modern Slavery through:

  • The VoicePlus’ General Business Principles (VGBP)

  • The VoicePlus’ Team Leaders


The VGBP defines our interpretation of business ethics and provide guidance for our business decisions and actions throughout the world. These principles confirm that “Our people are the key to our success, and we respect their human and labour rights so that they may work in a safe, healthy, professional and supportive environment”. All of our employees, sub-contractors, contingent workers and suppliers are required to sign off and comply with the VGBP. VoicePlus employees are required to complete online training as part of their induction and on a regular bi-annual basis to address issues such as corruption, collusion, bribery and other risks our employees may be exposed to.

Acknowledgement of and commitment to compliance with the VGBP is required by all sub-contractors, contingent workers and suppliers. Any breach of these requirements entitles VoicePlus to immediately terminate any agreement with a third party.


Team Leaders focused on the implementation of VoicePlus’ health and wellbeing program including the development of policies and compliance with legislative requirements.

This team is also responsible for ensuring we employ our people through a consistent and thorough recruitment process. This ensures we confirm eligibility for employment, alignment to immigration requirements, alignment to our values and that the individual has the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to perform in their role.


VoicePlus’ Audit function undertakes audits annually with various focus directed at entities within the VoicePlus Group. A significant focus of such audits is compliance with VGBP.


VoicePlus aims to increase awareness of modern slavery throughout our business and our supply chain. This will include:
Publishing this Statement on our website and Intranet and sharing with employees and suppliers the steps VoicePlus is taking to address Modern Slavery.

Reviewing procurement policies and processes to ensure transparency and clarity of process across all aspects of our supply chain as well as embedding a system of due diligence and feedback to measure suppliers’ compliance and performance; and Continuing to promote VoicePlus’ values within our business and our supply chain and our commitment to ensuring Modern Slavery does not occur, through targeted training and compliance programs.

This Modern Slavery Statement is made on 30 June 2021 on behalf of VoicePlus.

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