Business Intelligence Analytics

There is limited usefulness in receiving a swathe of beautifully prepared, colourful reports about the make-up of the fleet or the monthly mobility spend. The true value is in Business Intelligence Analytics which has taken the raw data reporting and highlighted cost saving opportunities.

There will never be a dearth of raw data - mobile fleet audits, optimisation programs, telco bill reporting will all provide raw data. Business intelligence analysis will take that raw data and evaluate it to establish measureable cost saving opportunities.

For example raw data reporting will provide information about end user usage patterns. BI Analytics will take that data and identify instances of misuse, excessive use, or no use. All three of those segmented groups are cost saving opportunities if actions are taken to address the issues raised.

BI Analytics can deliver strategic billing analysis to:

  • support dispute resolution and contract negotiations
  • refine employee usage policies and procedures
  • reduce telecom expenditure

BI Analytics should also be used to deliver trend findings which:

  • support technology goals and future direction
  • highlight communication barriers or threats to business goals
  • plan for integrated telecommunications