Services & Support (Help Desk)

Every company will say they have outstanding customer service so how does VoicePlus convince prospective customers that we are not just talking the talk.

Well we have defined what it takes for our customers to develop trust in our support team.

This is our mantra and we aim to deliver to these principles 100% of the time:

  • We are Responsive. Communication is key. We will pick up the phone and talk to whomever we need to, to get an enquiry resolved. We will always keep our customers fully informed about their enquiry at all times.
  • We are Reliable. Every enquiry gets a name put beside it and that person is responsible for seeing it through to a satisfactory resolution.
  • We are Knowledgeable. We invest in our knowledge base so that we can keep up with constantly evolving mobility.
  • We are Willing. We have an attitude of service and customer care. 
  • We are Persistent. We encourage all staff to be proactive, tenacious and independent thinkers. We want to get to the bottom of every issue and resolve it quickly and completely. 


A VoicePlus account manager is like having your own in-house telecommunications expert.

In the fast moving world of telecommunications, your VoicePlus account manager is experienced in applying the latest technologies to advance your business.  He will provide both strategic advice and hands-on demonstrations of products and technologies.

The role of your VoicePlus account manager is to ensure a productive and smooth relationship between your business, VoicePlus and Telecom Provider. Your account manager will represent your interests in your dealings with Telstra and ensure your day-to-day telecommunications operations are cost effective, promote productivity and provide a competitive advantage.

Billing errors, contract inefficiencies, excessive charges - your account manager will deal with all the time-consuming, painful issues which inevitably arise with the telecoms fleet.

All VoicePlus account managers are experienced industry experts. They will utilise new and emerging technologies to provide innovative and profitable solutions for your business.

All VoicePlus account managers have a support team of experienced and capable mobile technicians to assist them with the hands-on processing of any issue which may arise. These include a Mobile Support team, Fixed Line Specialist Team, Technical Support Manager, Database Management Specialist, & Dispatch Team.

They are also backed up by superior automated workflows and proven solutions which VoicePlus has developed in its Atrium MMS.

Every Voiceplus customer has assigned to them a Support Team who will learn the business processes, assets and policies of the company.

The team consists of

  • Account Manager
  • Mobile Support team member(s)
  • Fixed Line specialist
  • Technical Support specialist
  • Business Analysis specialist
  • Dispatch team member

The Atrium Customer Support Team is also able to assume fiscal responsibility for compliance with your business expenditure policy. 

trusted support

The cornerstone of Atrium Support is the Help Desk which is based at our St Leonards, Sydney, premises.

Our Help Desk staff are all fulltime, permanent, experienced employees who have direct access into Telstra’s computer systems. This allows quick and accurate resolution of issues and Telstra contract management tasks.

Our Help Desk is integrated with the Atrium portal and many of our customers prefer to log their requests, however they can also email, live chat or speak on the phone.

Every request received by the Help Desk receives a unique customer identifier for transparent tracking. Regular feedback on progress is delivered through an automated customer care email process.

Help Desk services include:

  • 24/7 or 8am-8pm
  • Access by Atrium portal | live chat | email | phone
  • Capable, reliable and experienced people
  • Specialist technical mobility knowledge
  • Accurate, quick response resolution of all issues
  • Direct access to Telstra Network systems
  • Full tracking service
  • Progress emails keep the end user fully informed
  • Compliance with Security, HR, OSH, and financial policies and protocols
  • Frees up internal staff to focus on core tasks and strategic direction

What this means for Atrium customers is no more having to spend precious hours on the phone to Carriers. The Atrium Help Desk will take care of all issues, dealing with the Carrier on your behalf.

Having direct access to Carrier's network systems and records allows our Help Desk staff to manage Telstra services on your account including:

  • New connections
  • SIM card replacements and activations
  • Contract Plan changes
  • International roaming
  • Billing enquiries and disputes