Expense Reporting

Up to 85% of company telecom bills are paid without any audit being undertaken. — Aberdeen Group

A staggering 80% of telecom bills include hidden charges or incorrect billing.  Gartner Research

 It’s shocking but these are the findings of two of the most respected global industry research organisations, Gartner and Aberdeen Group

Atrium delivers a Financial Management package which includes

  • Telecom Expense Management (TEMS)
  • Visibility of costs
  • Optimisation outcomes
  • Total cost of Ownership

Atrium TEMs ensures the accuracy of billing from your telco provider.

Using automated proprietary software, Atrium will capture billing errors and ensure the correct rates are being charged. It supports Telco carrier negotiations and credit resolutions.

Atrium TEMS will also deliver detailed visibility into your mobility spend - from high level benchmarking and trend analysis to usage by each individual cost centre or end user. Atrium keeps mobility cost allocation accurate.

Atrium TEMS business analysis will deliver an understanding of how employees use their devices and will instruct optimisation workflows to deliver cost savings. 


Atrium provides endpoint computing cost visibility and transparency across an organisation.  

Telstra Bill View is a feature on the Atrium portal which displays the costs incurred by each individual employee.

It gives transparency of all devices, contracted services and licences, assigned to an individual end user. 

A total cost of ownership broken down by service number, service type and total expenditure is visible, as is a comparison of spend over recent months.

Managers have visibility of their team members' spend, making it easy to group, compare and analyse employee usage, and compare actual spend to budget.

Atrium Bill View promotes employee awareness and encourages personal responsibility for mobile activity and costs.

Non-compliance with corporate policy and unauthorised expenditure is clearly identified, as are excess usage charges. Atrium has an optimisation workflow to address these instances of non-compliance and unauthorised costs.


Atrium Screenshot Billing

Having knowledge and visibility of the total cost of mobility ownership is an outcome of Atrium.

The business benefits of this benchmark include:

  • accuracy of forecasting and budgeting
  • allows comparative analysis across job functions, business units, geography etc
  • informs decision-making around business growth or contraction
  • informs best practice policy and processes

As technology - particularly mobility - becomes more entrenched in our business practices it will become increasingly useful for finance, operations and human resources to have a realistic knowledge of total cost of ownership. 


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