Device Lifecycle

Atrium Lifecycle Management delivers a holistic cradle-to-grave service for all end-point computing devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, data cards, wi-fi devices, routers and modems.

Most lifecycle management programs focus on the start and end stages of a device’s life. Atrium is unique in offering a smart automated program to manage mid-stage logistics such as change of ownership, staff turnover, and repair. 

At the core of Atrium lifecycle management is the Asset Registry, which is a transparent record of the company’s mobility activity, updated in real time and synced with telco network records.

Atrium Device lifecycle includes

  • On-site stock management of mobile devices. No waiting for a third party to supply your orders.
  • On-site dispatch Receive your devices to agreed SLAs.
  • Asset Registry Accurate record of all mobile equipment, ownership and activity updated in real time as activity occurs.
  • Direct access to Telstra network to complete contract management tasks, and to allow quick and accurate changes to Telstra services
  • Device and service ownership Staff turnover retrieval and redeployment program.
  • Repair management, loan and replacement devices.
  • VIP and Priority Replacement Program Have a replacement device delivered in hours.
  • Device Trade in: earn revenue while securely disposing of redundant devices.  

Device Lifecycle

The Atrium Asset Registry is the core data repository and instructs all lifecycle and optimisation programs, and financial reporting. 

The registry is a 'live' database providing visibility of all endpoint computing assets, services and licensing.

It aligns every mobile device and service with its end user and an allocated cost centre.  

Records are updated constantly as activity occurs on the Atrium portal or through the Atrium Service Desk. 

Atrium allows swift and accurate changes to a mobile service including plan changes, data changes or user details; and also allows business to ensure their asset res - hardware and services - are secure.

The Asset Registry is synced with the Telstra network records.


asset registry

Open the box – remove the device – start work!

Device provisioning delivers secure, efficient start-ups.

It lets employees get on with the job immediately.

VoicePlus offers a customised provisioning service for smartphones, tablets and laptops.

This typically includes opening the device packaging, inserting the SIM card and activating the account.  For iPhones VoicePlus will also activate the iTunes account.

Device Staging:  Corporate Network Compliance and Security 

Device staging goes a step further than device provisioning.

Staging protects the corporate network by ensuring that devices are configured in compliance with a Corporate Mobile Device Policy.

Appropriate provisioning can prevent unauthorised activity and the download of unauthorised content onto a corporate device. 

New devices supplied by VoicePlus can be pre-loaded with Apps, security settings and service settings.  Devices can also be configured for MDM.

Note : Device Provisioning and Staging is an additional professional service and is not included as standard in the Atrium MMS solution.

device staging

VoicePlus Priority Replacement Program is for employees whose mobile phone is a business critical tool.

There are two levels of replacement for iPhones, iPads, and a range of tablets and laptops.

VIP Priority Replacement Program

This service guarantees employees will receive a replacement device of the same make and model within 2-4 business hours* of an approved repair order. 

Priority Replacement Program

This service guarantees employees will receive a replacement device of the same make and model with 24 business hours* of an approved order.

*If an approved order is received before 2pm, the replacement device will be with the end-user on the same business day. 

*If an approved order is received before 2pm, the replacement device will be with the end-user by 2pm the following business day. 

device replacement

The standard repair of a mobile device typically takes 2-3 weeks, involving a diagnosis of the problem and a quote, before the repair proceeds.  VoicePlus takes the pain out of the situation by liasing with the repair centres, managing the quote authorisation, and retrieving and returning the device.


repair management

The purpose of the Fleet Renewal program is to ensure that all mobile devices, and their associated leases, licences and contracted plans are proactively managed. 

The Fleet Renewal program maximises capability and eliminates waste. It also allows companies to accurately purchase numbers of licences and protects from either overpaying or being exposed to punitive measures.

The Fleet Renewal program delivers:

  • automated proactive renewal program guiding end users through the process of advising eligibility to upgrading a device or plan.
  • management of device leases to prevent over-payment or under-estimating licenses required.
  • management of device renewal to protect technological capability.
fleet renewl

Device Trade-in - End of Life

The trade-in service enables VoicePlus customers to earn revenue in exchange for end-of-life or unwanted devices. 

Revenue earned is typically around $30,000 for a 120 device trade in. 

The service includes an optional, secure device wipe to ensure any residual corporate or personal data on the device is cleared.