Atrium Portal

Atrium MMS, developed by VoicePlus,  is the only Australian solution to be recognised in two white papers published by Gartner

In 2017, VoicePlus featured in the Gartner Market Guide: Telecom Expense Management Service. The Guide provides key research findings, recommendations, and an analysis of 15 leading TEMs vendors globally, including VoicePlus. was published by Gartner UK-based analyst, Lisa Unden-Farboud and Sweden-based analyst, Katja Ruud, on 17 May 2017. 

Atrium is one of only 13 independent MMS solutions from around the world selected to feature in the Gartner White Paper,  Competitive Landscape: Independent Vendors Telecom Expense Management, 2016The White Paper singles out VoicePlus Atrium as one of just 13 selected independent vendors worldwide.It was published by Gartner UK-based analysts, Lisa Unden-Farboud and Tom Eagle, on 27 June 2016. 


What is Atrium?

Atrium is a managed mobility solution which includes telecom expense management, IT asset management, software asset management, IT financial management and telco operations management.

Atrium was developed by Sydney-based MMS provider VoicePlus in a strategic partnership with Coca-Cola Amatil.

Atrium was launched in 2013 and in its first year of operation it delivered a six-figure saving to Coca-Cola Amatil. This resulted in VoicePlus being awarded the title CCA Supplier of the Year IT&T in 2014.

Integrating into both HR and payroll systems, Atrium provides asset cataloging, procurement, lifecycle management, reporting and maintenance/repair.

Atrium tracks any asset that wholly belongs to a single entity - usually a person - and provides a single total cost for that entity.

Through its telecom expense management it offers procurement reporting, carrier dispute resolution, billing error resolution and action plans against device, service and plan optimisation.

Atrium is also an e-supply solution that generates automated customised ordering and delivery systems.

The customer interface is a 24/7 self-service Atrium portal, backed up by a support help desk.

Atrium services the complete mobile telecom lifecycle.

Add-on Modules

Atrium integrates with third party platforms for Mobile Device Management and Asset Management.

Add-on modules include Enterprise Mobility Management with VoicePlus being AirWatch-certified and having Microsoft Intune  capabilities.

Atrium is able to be integrated with ServiceNow, and all Carriers