Logistic & Supply Chain

Atrium centralises your procurement of endpoint computing across mobility, fixed line, tablets, laptops, desktops, applications and endpoint IT consumables.

It delivers a customised self-service procurement experience, with updating of the Asset Register in real time as activity occurs.

To be accountable, the procurement process must meet three criteria. It must be

  • Transparent
  • Authenticated
  • Accurate 

Transparency demands that all parties having visibility of what mobile devices and services are available to them, have been ordered, and have been delivered – by who, for whom. 

Authentication will ensure that all procurement is approved by specified decision-makers and is compliant with corporate policy.

Accuracy refers to all procurement spend being allocated to the correct cost centre; all device, service and ownership details being added to or updated on the asset register; and all telco carrier records and billing being applied correctly to the account.

The simplest way to ensure accountable procurement is to provide a dedicated procurement and service app which has been customised to match the business requirements.

Logistic & Supply Chain

The Atrium portal is a self-service procurement app which is available to employees 24/7.

Key Features:

  • ensures employees order within corporate policy parameters
  • can restrict purchasing by quantity, frequency or value
  • can bundle products for pricing
  • allows self-service of Telstra Network services such as international roaming activation, SIM card swaps, plan changes
  • allows self-service of repair lodgement
  • automates the order and request approval process
  • gives employees visibility of their mobile device ownership
  • gives cost visibility to employees with details of their monthly telco bill; and allows managers to have visibility of their team's expenditure
  • allows employees to notify inaccuracies in the asset register through the app
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If your business is still using pieces of paper or an email trail to order mobile devices or services, a real opportunity exists to improve productivity and accuracy by automating your procurement.

With an online procurement app, employees choose from an approved customised purchase selection.

The costs will be transparent to the employee and line management and approval of orders will be automated.

VoicePlus has found that businesses who do not have an automated mobility procurement environment – and instead use paper-based ordering forms and/or emails – take on average two weeks for an employee to obtain or replace a mobile device.

The Atrium online procurement environment will deliver a device within 24 hours of an order being received.

Orders placed through the Atrium portal enter an automated approval process which ensures each order complies with corporate procurement parameters.

Orders are then forwarded for approval by up to three levels of management hierarchy in line with agreed financial accountability policies.

To ensure the process moves smoothly there are automated responses to both action and inaction at every step of the way.

Automated approval gathering ensures corporate compliance and minimises risk.


Each procurement order or service request lodged through the Atrium portal is given a unique identifying number allowing order tracking.

An automated email program keeps all parties fully informed at every stage of the process, including

  • order received
  • order approved - can occur 3x times if escalated to management hierarchy
  • order rejected - explanation provided
  • order filled
  • order dispatched - including courier details
  • order delivered - including recipient signature, time delivered
  • back order ETA

The Atrium portal can be updated in short time to reflect changing company policy and new emerging technology.

Integration is a foundational requirement of Atrium managed mobility. It provides the base data that populates the Asset Register and ensures mobility costs are recorded and allocated accurately.

Atrium integrates with your business to

  • provide simple and speedy access to the Atrium procurement portal
  • pre-populate employee details into the ordering forms
  • allow employee self-service
  • ensure that mobility costs are allocated accurately to internal cost centres

Atrium can also be integrated with third party platforms such as 

  • AirWatch
  • Microsoft Intune
  • ServiceNow

Atrium portal integrates with Single Sign using Saml 2 technology, which simplifies the login process, eliminating the requirement for passwords.

Atrium integrates both with Active Directory Federation Services and Azure Single Sign-On.

Our advanced user management control systems restrict access to what information users can see.

The Atrium portal is designed to be fully integrated with your corporate intranet providing seamless Single Sign-On through Microsoft Active Directory Federation Service.

The portal is designed to be securely accessed by every employee 24/7.

This self-service approach eliminates the need for an in-house resource to manage the procurement of ICT equipment, mobility issue resolution or telco service requests. 

Alternatively some companies choose to make the Atrium portal available to a select number of Administrators who funnel activity from employees through the Atrium portal. 

Atrium integrates with your Employee and Site information infrastructure to ensure an accurate record of employee or site movement.

Studies published by the Australian Institute of Management and Australian Human Resources Institute put average staff turnover at 14-20% per annum.

At this rate of turnover, it does not take long for the ICT Asset Register to become inaccurate resulting in incorrect cost allocation, increased expsoure to corporate risk, and low levels of corporate ICT compliance.

By integrating with your Human Resources interface, Atrium is able to

  • securely pre-load accurate end-user information
  • allocate costs to designated cost centres accurately in ‘real time’
  • direct monthly Telstra bills to the correct employee promoting cost accountability
  • keep an accurate record of line management for secure authorisation of orders
  • retrieve and redeploy assets from employee movement
  • protect the integrity of your Asset Register