Managed 4G Router Connectivity

The Managed 4G Router solution delivers agile internet connectivity utilising Telstra's mobile network.

It allows rapid connections and disconnections, and simplified site relocations while maintaining enhanced security protocols, and reducing set-up and ongoing telecommunications costs.

It is also a viable mobile technology to replace unreliable ADSL connections, or the NBN. 

VoicePlus customers' use cases include:

  • Remote sites such as mining and defence industry locations
  • Transient sites such as road and rail works
  • Events, Pop-Up Stores, short term retail outlets 
  • Construction sites
  • Offshore sites such as oil rigs
  • Retail outlets with poor ADSL connectivity e.g. in shopping malls

At the heart of this solution is the Sierra Wireless MP70 router which is supplied, configured and installed by VoicePlus, with the additional option of an ongoing managed service.

The ongoing managed service is delivered by VoicePlus utilising the Sierra Wireless Cloud AirLink Management application and provides:

  • 24/7 monitoring of equipment and link
  • Proactive event alerts for service outages, usage warnings, and slow connection speeds
  • Priority replacement program for deploying routers
  • Device retrieval/redeployment program for security of routers
  • Level 2 Support Desk including
    • fault diagnosis and resolution
    • remote equipment diagnostic and reprogramming
    • phone support 
    • Telstra service resolution
    • Support hours - Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm (EST)
  • Monthly reporting

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The Challenge:  unreliable EFTPoS connectivity

The existing ADSL lines into Estee Lauder's 30 Australian retail outlets were experiencing compatibility and connectivity issues with the Point of Sale devices instore, resulting in dropouts and downtime. 

The connectivity issues also meant the PoS machines were unable to reliably and consistently record sales data and deliver it back to Head Office. This loss of data had a flow-on impact on

  • sales figures 
  • stock management 
  • marketing data

The Internal IT resources were regularly engaged in trouble-shooting, leaving little time for proactive and future-focused IT projects.

In addition there was uncertainty about how many ADSL lines were connected at each store location, what they were being used for and whether the expense was justified. The ADSL set-up also meant inflexibility and time-consuming expense when stores were required to relocate.

The Solution: replace ADSL with agile 4GX mobile environment 

VoicePlus provided the Rapid Router Connectivity Kit solution. 

The first step was an audit of each store to ascertain the ADSL line set-up. VoicePlus project managed the gathering of existing ADSL line information on-site, photographed existing equipment set-ups, and tested mobile coverage instore.

As an alternative to the expensive and inflexible and problematic ADSL lines, VoicePlus managed the deployment of a Sierra Wireless MP70 router to each store.  The router was pre-configured, tested, labelled, deployed and installed in each Estee Lauder store location.

The Results: reliable delivery of business-critical data, and more...

  • Consistent internet connectivity has resulted in sales data being reliably collected and fed back from PoS units informing agile business decision-making.
  • ADSL lines were decommissioned with significant cost savings.
  • The upfront cost of the routers was recompensed from the ADSL line and service cost savings within 18 months.
  • Estee Lauder has the bonus of an agile connectivity solution which can be simply and inexpensively moved when a store  is relocated.


estee lauder sydney international airport

Estee Lauder Sydney International Airport  


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Specialty Fashion Group has more than 900 retail stores across Australia including Katies, Millers, River, Autograph and City Chic.

The Challenge: high mobile data costs, iPad security and more...

The core challenges faced were:

  • excessive mobile data costs
  • security and remote management of each store's iPad
  • business continuity issues with point of sale connection
  • disaster recovery
  • long lead times for store commissioning/descommissioning due to a reliance on ADSL lines

An iPad used in each store for stock management, training, instore layout and promotions instructions, and sales figures was unsecured and incurring high mobile data costs.

Each store was connecting to SFG's WAN network using an ADSL tail. Link quality and reliability were low and speeds could not be effectively forecast. There was no back-up in the case of a Wi-Fi outage.

The Solution: replace ADSL lines with Jasper-based connectivity

VoicePlus project managed one of the largest Netcomm retail deployments in Australia, rolling out a WAN wireless store environment to 900+ stores in the first months of 2016. 

VoicePlus was responsible for solution design, router staging, deployment design and management, and production of training manuals.

VoicePlus supplied SFG with pre-staged Netcomm 4G LTE routers, and Jasper SIM cards. Staging of the routers was performed through an automated script, developed in-house by VoicePlus, which greatly reduced the possibility of human error and misconfiguration. It also reduced staging time from 24 minutes per device to just over 4 minutes per device.

The Netcomm 4G LTE router is a MPLS tail over a Wireless WAN link. A simple 8-port unmanaged switch connects to the router and provides the port capacity needed for Point of Sale (PoS) machines as well as thin Wireless Access Points (WAP). 

Each SFG Regional Manager was provided with a detailed deployment guide, written by VoicePlus. SFG and VoicePlus then collaborated on a customised testing protocol to ensure each store had been successfully upgraded and was operating correctly.

Automatic WAN access provisioning and routing is now being easily managed through the Jasper platform and the Self-Service Telstra Managed RADIUS (TMR-Advanced) platform. This allows SFG to roll-out and decommission stores with virtually no lead time. 

iPad's in the store were previously utilising active data SIM cards and there was no easy way to enforce the iPad's to only use the Wireless LAN network. Through the use of Jasper SIMs pre-set in a deactivated state, SFG is able to easily manage mobile data usage on the iPads and instantly activate the iPad SIM in a Disaster Recovery scenario.

VoicePlus also created and continues to manage a brand-new heirarchy on SFG's TMDM (Telstra Mobile Device Management) platform. This has provided the ability to manage and deploy applications and settings on the mobile devices in a much more granular manner than ever before.

The Results: 40% saving on ICT connection costs per store

The outcomes of moving from a fixed line to the Rapid Router Connectivity wireless environment were:

  • a 40% saving on the ICT connection costs of each store
  • a data pool shared across the stores eliminating charges for excess data use
  • a more reliable and faster internet connection
  • a failsafe response to keep the stores online if WiFi is compromised
  • increased security of devices 
  • increased security of intellectual property content
  • flexibility and speed commissioning and decommissioning stores

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downer logoDowner is an Australian-owned listed company. Downer Group companies cross Transport; Utilities; Rail; Engineering, Construction and Maintenance; Mining; and Events Catering. Downer also owns 88% of Spotless Group Holdings Limited (Spotless).

 The Downer Group employs over 56,000 people across more than 300 sites, primarily in Australia and New Zealand.

The Challenge: agile internet connectivity for rapid commissioning/decommissioning of sites

Since September 2012, VoicePlus has supplied preconfigured 4G Routers to Downer  for reliable and fast communication connections at temporary sites and sites awaiting Telstra infrastructure.

Downer Group is involved in road, rail, construction, and mining verticals. In most cases their business sites need to be rapidly commissioned and decommissioned and are in regional or remote locations.

The challenge was to deploy a rapid-response and cost effective mobile connectivity solution.

The Solution: Rapid Router Kit

VoicePlus developed a 'rapid router kit' specific to Downer. Sierra Wireless MP70 routers are preconfigured for the Downer network and deployed with additional antenna. VoicePlus provides proactive monitoring and remote management via the ALMS platform.

An Asset Register was created to record all information relating to each device and its allocation. This includes project/site details including end date, site manager and site contacts. 

A technical HelpDesk provides end users with support with commissioning or decommissioning a site, and for any connectivity issue.

The Results:

  • An agile connectivity solution that can be set up and packed up repeatedly and rapidly
  • Reliable mobile connectivity with business grade speeds, utilising Telstra's 4G mobile network
  • A cost effective solution with robust hardware that can be reused 
  • Capable technical support to end‐users through a formal HelpDesk environment
  • Accountability in reporting and SLAs for remote management and systemised rapid deployment of routers

 Downer Roads

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Compass Group has provided food and support services across Australia for more than forty years. The Group operates in key industries including healthcare, education, defence, offshore and remote.

The Challenge: internet in remote and offshore locations

Compass had a requirement for agile internet connectivity at its 'Tier 2' sites which are remote and offshore locations where it delivers catering and education services for the Australian defence force, mining and oil exploration companies.

Some of these are temporary locations and other sites did not have access to fixed line infrastructure. 

Those sites which did have ADSL fixed services were usually experiencing unstable and slow internet connections.

The Solution: agile 4GX internet connections 

From October 2017, VoicePlus began deploying 4GX Sierra Wireless MP70 routers to replace any existing infrastructure. 

VoicePlus provides project management, router configuration and deployment, and implementation, migration, testing and ongoing monitoring services. 

Testing identified which sites needed additional external antenna support to boost signal strength performance.

VoicePlus Level 2 Support Team delivers fault resolution services and our Monitoring Service delivers proactive alerts of outages and connectivity issues.

Our Priority Replacement Program retrieves non-performing routers and ensures rapid deployment of a replacement router.

The Results: happy students, happy soldiers and more...

Some of the first Compass Group sites to be moved to the Rapid Router connectivity kit included remote outback schools and defence force cafeteria.

Overnight students and soldiers were provided with reliable internet connectivity in areas without fixed broadband services.

Ongoing testing, monitoring and reporting has shown the Rapid Router Connectivity Kit to be a reliable solution. 

It is also an agile solution with the equipment able to be simply relocated.


Compass Group sites