Managed Endpoint Environment

VoicePlus proprietary endpoint management environment applies a suite of security and cost control measures to all IoT devices.

It is not just mobile devices that need management - it is all endpoint devices, whether SIM enabled or not. 

Routers, laptops, desktops, security cameras, HHR terminals, vehicles - if a device can access the corporate network or internet it presents security and expenditure challenges for the enterprise, and should be managed.

VoicePlus Atrium Managed Mobility Service (MMS) is our internationally recognised endpoint management service for mobile devices, however the Atrium environment is already managing other endpoints such as fixed lines, laptops and routers.  

Features of VoicePlus Endpoint Management environment include:

  • Endpoint Device management
  • Expenditure management
  • Usage management

Ruralco Endpoint Management

Atrium Endpoint Device Management modules include:

Device Asset Register

A database of each device with record of device identification serial numbers, location, employee ownership details, services contracted, lease/licence details. Updated to reflect activity such as change of ownership, redeployment to new location.

Device Retrieval and Redeployment Program

An automated program to retrieve devices which are no longer being used and redeploy them within the business. This program also provides security that devices are not left 

Device Priority Replacement

Should a device fail, a replacement device will be dispatched within 12 hours. The failed device will also be retrieved for assessment; and repair/redeployment if appropriate.

Device Lock/Wipe

Should a device be lost or stolen, the device will be locked and/or wiped. 

Expenditure on hardware, software and telecoms service usage is managed by the Atrium Endpoint Management environment.


Endpoint devices are expensive! Costing hundreds to over a thousand dollars, it makes sense to know where these devices are and how whether they are being utilised efficiently. It is not uncommon for business to lose track of devices. One VoicePlus customer, over a space of 2 years, had more than 100 laptops unaccounted for. This represents a significant loss to the business as well as a security issue.


Software licensing is often overlooked by business and can quickly become a significant expense. Paying for licences for software that is not used or not paying for the correct number of licences - both can end up costing the company.  VoicePlus manages software licensing by tracking individual licenses through the Atrium endpoint management environment.

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

VoicePlus offers a standalone TEMs solution which can be applied to all endpoint devices.

Atrium usage management is an outcome of Business Intelligence analytics and optimisation activities.

Instances of Usage management include workflows to address:

  • No or low use of a device/service
  • Unauthorised use
  • Excess charges arising from use
  • Duplication of devices/services
  • Inappropriate telco plan applied to a device

VoicePlus has a dedicated Endpoint Management Business Intelligence team who analyse monthly use and recommend optimisation actions which can be implemented by the VoicePlus support team.