Jasper IOT Connectivity

Cisco Jasper logoJasper is a global Internet of Things (IoT) platform leader.

The Jasper solution requires the purchase of a specialised IOT Jasper SIM card. The IOT SIM delivers benefits including:

  • the ability to remain 'deactivated' until required
  • the ability to set rules which turn the SIM off and on
  • a control centre platform which provides visibility of SIM status
  • customised alerts
  • enhanced security, agile connectivity, and reduced expenditure

VoicePlus designs, configures, implements and provides ongoing management of Jasper IOT solutions.

Jasper is the world's leading Internet of Things platform.

It was purchased by Cisco in February 2016 for US$1.4bn.

VoicePlus Blog: Jasper - the $billion tech company you've heard of

"The internet of things is not about things. It's about becoming connected."

This is the mantra of Jahangir Mohammed, the founder of the world's leading IoT platform, Jasper.

"We don't make the device" that generates the data flowing through the Internet of Things.

"We don't make the application" that collects data for the customer.

"And we don't make the network that transports the data.

"But we make the last part, the software.The function of the software is to pull the other three pieces together."

Customers and Use Cases

Some of the most iconic companies in the world - Amazon, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Netflix, and also every car manufacturer - are Jasper customers.

Use cases include

  • Utilities - monitoring remote substations and providing meter readings
  • Vehicles - connecting drivers to the world outside with security, navigation and entertainment connected services
  • Agriculture - to monitor moisture levels in the soil to activate irrigation when required
  • Security - monitoring remote sites or equipment and transmission of security camera footage
  • Media - enabling digital streaming and capturing data for billing purposes
  • Retail - tracking product deliveries and monitoring temperatures 
  • Airlines - remote diagnostics to optimise performance of connected planes and cargo equipment 

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Cisco Jasper logo

Compass Group is Australia’s largest food services company with 10,000 employees serving up food and delivering vital support services  across defence, healthcare, education, and off shore industries, as well as stadiums and events.

Compass oilrig defence

The benefits of Jasper for Compass Group are:

  • turning connectivity on and off automatically for events
  • managing connectivity at remote locations such as oil rigs and defence bases
  • sharing data usage Australia-wide across the group

VoicePlus designed the Jasper solution for Compass Group, working with carrier partner, Telstra, to deliver customised Jasper SIMs connected to Telstra Jasper service plans.

VoicePlus collaborated with Compass Group to determine rules for the IoT automated platform. Our IT team monitors the Jasper Control Centre responding to automated alerts and proactively managing connectivity and data usage to reduce telco usage costs.


The Specialty Fashion Group has more than 900 retail outlets showcasing brands such as Katies, Millers, Rivers, Autograph, Crossroads, and City Chic.

VoicePlus has project managed one of the largest Netcomm retail deployments in Australia, rolling out a WAN wireless store environment to 900+ stores.

The solution involved disconnecting ADSL lines and moving the entire store infrastructure to Jasper-based connectivity. 

The Netcomm 4G LTE router is a MPLS tail over a Wireless WAN link. A simple 8-port unmanaged switch connects to the router and provides the port capacity needed for Point of Sale (PoS) machines as well as thin Wireless Access Points (WAP). 

Automatic WAN access provisioning and routing is now being easily managed through the Jasper platform and the Self-Service Telstra Managed RADIUS (TMR-Advanced) platform. This allows SFG to rollout and decomission stores with virtually no lead time. 

SFG utilises iPad's as a productivity enhancement tool in the stores. iPad's in the store were previously utilising active data SIM's and there was no easy way to enforce the iPad's to only use the Wireless LAN network. Through the use of Jasper SIMs pre-set in a deactivated state, SFG is able to easily manage mobile data usage on the iPad's by setting rules which prevent unauthorised use and sending email alerts.

Jasper is also used to instantly activate the iPad SIM in a Disaster Recovery scenario.The Jasper SIM is aligned with a secondary carrier and only activates should the primary carrier experience an outage.

VoicePlus has also created and is managing a brand-new heirarchy on SFG's TMDM (Telstra Mobile Device Management) platform. This has provided the ability to manage and deploy applications and settings on the mobile devices in a much more granular manner than ever before.

VoicePlus was responsible for solution design, router staging, deployment design, implementation and testing, and production of training manuals.

An online portal was developed by VoicePlus to manage the individual store testing phase.


Coca-Cola Amatil utilises the Jasper ecosystem to manage SIM cards in its vending machines, hand-held pricing terminals, and in tracking devices carried by delivery staff for Neverfail water dispensing units.

These machines do not require to be in an 'always-on' state, with data sent from the devices only periodically.

It makes no sense to be paying for a monthly mobile service which may be used to send a package of data once a month or at certain times within a month.

The Jasper SIM sits inside the device in a 'ready state' but is only activated when usage is occurring. Customised Telstra Jasper service plans only bill for use.

The status of all the Jasper SIMS is visible through the Jasper Control Centre platform.

VoicePlus executing the tasks of site administrator on behalf of CCA:

  • Monitoring service usage
  • Troubleshooting, escalating and resolving faults
  • Adding new connections
  • Allocation of SIMs to correct business units for costing and governance
  • Developing and setting up rules for different SIM usage types
  • Extracting reporting by business units

VoicePlus also provides comprehensive reporting including

Summary of Service

  • Active
  • Ready State
  • Deactivated
  • Adds, moves & changes

Summary of Usage

  • Total Usage
  • Average Usage
  • High Usage
  • Anomalies

 Coke vending machines