Mobile Content Management – MCM

VoicePlus MCM provides secure distribution and mobile access to documents for employees.

We are experts in securing File Synchronisation facilitated by Work Folders.

The VoicePlus MCM team can encrypt the work folders on your device, require a password to sign in, and erase all the files in your work folders if you lose your device.

The VoicePlus MCM solution is comprised of Windows Server 2012 R2, system Centre Configuration Manager 2012 R2 and Microsoft Intune. You can even control whether files are synched over metered connections or while roaming.

Key Features

VoicePlus MCM allows users to manage a central content repository while we deliver the content to mobile devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and the authentication.

Content can be stored in a raw format such as MS word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Text, HTML etc.

Each specific device's presentation styles are applied accordingly. 

VoicePlus MCM operates to a strict Access Control List.

Our ACL includes authorisation, authentication, and access approval for each item of content.

We implement access control in cases like download control, wipe-out for specific user, and time specific access.

VoicePlus MCM supports basic authentication which has user ID and password, but we are also compliant with IP authentication and mobile device authentication.

We support and manage a wide range of devices with different capacities and limitations.

We provide templates based on Multi-client and Multi-site locations.

Our experts can make it possible to see all versions of a site at the same domain (e.g. The multi-site displays the mobile site on a targeted sub-domain ( e.g.

VoicePlus MCM provides targeted content, such as information, advertisements, maps, directions, and news, to mobile devices based on current physical location.

We are expert in providing customised MCM location-based content delivery solutions.