Mobile Application Management – MAM

VoicePlus deploys, manages and audits applications for end-point computing.

VoicePlus has invested in developing a laboratory environment to provide proof-of-concept, and for sandbox testing of customer applications.

VoicePlus is a risk-averse and security-conscious organisation, thoroughly subscribing to the tenants of ITIL, PMBoK and documented change control processes.

VociePlus MAM experts handle the delivery and administration of enterprise software to mobile devices. We use a dedicated app-store that can include necessary workflows and help ensure licence compliance.

The corporate requirement to maintain security and control of assets, is balanced with assisting users to quickly access the applications and configuration settings they need.

VoicePlus MAM focuses on delivering native apps from a corporate app catalog to an employee device while giving IT the power to selectively remove downloaded apps and associated data without touching personal apps and data.

Remote apps can also be made available and accessed across mobile platforms via Remote Desktop Services (RDS) for high-security scenarios.

Our skilled administrators can manage an inventory of installed corporate apps on the devices without visibility of personal apps.