Carrier Bill Management

“Up to 85% of company telecom bills are paid without any audit being undertaken.“

- Aberdeen Group -

“A staggering 80% of telecom bills include hidden charges or incorrect billing.”

- Gartner Research -

It’s shocking but these are the findings of two of the most respected global industry research organisations, Gartner and Aberdeen Group.

They identify the most common errors in carrier billing as:

  • being charged for applications which are not being used e.g
  • data plan on non-data mobile
  • being charged at incorrect call rates
  • intra-account benefits not being applied e.g. free calls to
  • nominated numbers

Billing analytics will capture billing errors and ensure the contracted rates are being charged by the Carrier.

All the mainstream telco network providers have a TEMS solution of varying degrees of sophistication, and this is often available to you free-of-charge. In Australia, Telstra offer a tool called T-Analyst. At Optus it’s called Optus TEM, and at Vodafone its called Spend Manager and Spend Analytics.

Alternatively you might consider using an independent TEMS provider like VoicePlus to manage your billing analytics. Proprietary software like that offered by VoicePlus will provide more details, customised reporting and also offer a range of resolution services to act on the findings. Some people also have concerns over the ability and motivation of the telco carriers to monitor their own bills for errors.