Mobile device management

VoicePlus EMM Capability

Enterprise Mobility Management [EMM] is an umbrella term to cover Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Content Management (MCM). 

VoicePlus has EMM capabilities focused around the VMWare AirWatch platform and the Microsoft Intune platform. We design, configure, integrate, manage and monitor EMM platforms for our customers.

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service mdm

Mobile Device Management – MDM

VoicePlus has proven capabilities in VMWare AirWatch and Microsoft Intune platforms for MDM.

We design, configure and apply security protocols to the corporate mobile fleet.

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service mam

Mobile Application Management – MAM

VoicePlus deploys, manages and audits applications for end-point computing.  VoicePlus has invested in developing a laboratory environment to provide proof-of-concept, and for sandbox testing of customer applications. VoicePlus is a risk-averse and security-conscious organisation, thoroughly subscribing to the tenants of ITIL, PMBoK and documented change control processes. 

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service mcm

VoicePlus MCM allows users to manage a central content repository while we deliver the content to mobile devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and the authentication.

Content can be stored in a raw format such as MS word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Text, HTML etc.

Each specific device's presentation styles are applied according

Mobile Content Management – MCM

VoicePlus MCM provides secure distribution and mobile access to documents for employees.

We provide multi-channel content delivery, content access control, location-based content delivery and are specialists in templating multi-client and multi-site locations.

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service infrastructure monitoring

infrastructure and Service Monitoring

Our dedicated and multi-disciplined team can look after every aspect of your environment from servers, network, and endpoint devices including mobile devices, desktops and printers.

VoicePlus offers 24/7, Level 1-3, support. We have a proven track-record in remediating multiple complex EMM platforms with minimal downtime and user interaction.

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Success Stories

EMM for desktop PCs to grow from 1% to 40% by 2018

EMM for desktop PCs to grow from 1% to 40% by 2018

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Voiceplus Services

service tile atrium managed mobility1

Atrium Managed Mobility

Atrium Managed Mobility

Atrium delivers cost savings and productivity gains

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service enterpise mobility1


Enterprise Mobility

Secure Remote Management of your mobile fleet

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service tile unified cloud1

Unified Cloud

Unified Cloud Solutions

Common experience across all your screens

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service tile telstra essential1

Telstra Essentials

Telstra Essentials

Manage growing demand for Telstra mobility support

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