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Need to manage Telecoms diversity?

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Choice in communications technology has exploded in the past five years leaving medium sized businesses like yours to manage a legacy of diverse devices, plans and products.

The complexity of the Australian mobile and fixed telephone environment makes management of fleets time-consuming and a low value activity, and yet the complexity also demands technical skills and has immediate impact on productivity when not managed efficiently.

VoicePlus will analyse your existing infrastructure to develop a plan which rationalises devices and plans and streamlines management processes. The final outcome is to give you accurate resolution of issues in record time and increased productivity.


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Striving for smarter control?

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Are you receiving screeds of paper bills, trying to marry up plan types and spend overruns, attempting to monitor and track trends through physical comparison?

Telecommunications costs are estimated at an average 3% of an organisation's revenue and one of the top 5 costs for most businesses. Managing the spend is a time-consuming and labour intensive administrative burden. Yet it is an important task as industry research indicates errors occur in around 80% of telecom bills, almost all of them in favour of the carrier!

VoicePlus offers you a range of customised solutions to regain control of billing. We provide the expertise to reconfigure or renegotiate fleet plans to maximise discounts, share costs and bonuses across groups and to reduce overall spend. VoicePlus also offers bill analysis, bill tracking, and call profiling to identify trends, errors and anomalies.


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Feeling the service pain?

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The sheer volume of operational activities involved in servicing your business communications fleet can be overwhelming.  With limited expertise and resources inhouse, most medium-sized businesses like yours struggle to keep up with the daily grind.

VoicePlus relieves your stress by providing a customised e-Supply solution. With motivated and experienced people and with direct access into Telstra's computer network we manage all your operational tasks and issue resolution requirements of the mobile communications fleet.  Employees have one number to call for all their needs and we get the job done accurately and quickly, because we know that while these activities are generally low-value added, when they are not managed effectively there is an immediate impact on everyone's ability to get the job done.

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Seeking clarity about your future direction?

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As a medium-sized business you are no doubt aware how much you rely on phone technology to complete business critical tasks.

It used to be all about the computers but as we head into the second decade of this century it is increasingly about how our phones and computer networks integrate. Renowned industry leaders, Gartner Research, predict that by 2013 mobile phones will overtake computers as the preferred method of accessing the internet resulting in further mobilisation of our workforce.

Add in buzz products cloud computing, voip, and smartphone business apps - where does the medium business, with one eye on cost  control and the other on productivity, start the decision-making process about what to invest in and when? You start with VoicePlus.

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