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2017 marks the ninth year VoicePlus has partnered with CCA to deliver the Atrium managed mobility service.

In that time Atrium has continued to grow, innovate and produce significant financial and productivity benefits.

VoicePlus named CCA Supplier of the Year IT&T

When VoicePlus was named Coca-Cola Amatil Supplier of the Year for IT&T, we out-performed finalists who are household names - IBM, Microsoft, Lenovo and Canon.

The win was the culmination of a six year collaboration between VoicePlus and CCA which had produced the launch of VoicePlus's managed mobility service - Atrium.

Managing Director of VoicePlus, Michael Giffney, said:

It has been a goal of VoicePlus to achieve this award for many years. It was six years ago we began collaborating with CCA to develop a unique customised solution for mobile fleet management. The result was Atrium. Atrium came to maturity this year and delivered significant financial value, clever innovation, productivity gains and brilliant customer service for CCA.

The award was presented to VoicePlus by CCA Chief Information Officer, Barry Simpson, at the annual Supplier of the Year Awards function held at Centennial Hall, Sydney in September 2014.

Ali Basharyar, VoicePlus Account Manager, was also honoured with an individual award as a Finalist in the Account Manager category.

VoicePlus has continued to collaborate with CCA on further development of Atrium. 

Client Testimonial

"The customer service ethic at VoicePlus is one to aspire to. The team has a can-do attitude combined with forthcoming ideas about better ways to manage CCA's telecommunications services. This small business has punched well above its weight for CCA."

Barry Simpson, CIO, Global Operations IT Services

The Birth of Atrium managed mobility service

VoicePlus was bought into the CCA account by the Telstra Account Team in 2008 to assist CCA in managing the day-to-day operational activities of a large scale mobile fleet.

Over the years we initiated and led discussions with CCA stakeholders within procurement, finance, IT and human resources. Atrium Managed Mobility is the result.  

resizedimage400382 VPTelstra Circle 2

At the outset of our relationship with CCA, three clear strategic objectives for the management of the CCA mobile fleet were identified:

  • to increase employee productivity through improving mobile service operations
  • to reduce costs through maintaining control of purchasing, managing usage, auditing billing and application of clear policies and procedures
  • to exploit new technologies to achieve the first two objectives and to ensure CCA remained the leader in their market

We also identified existing issues and provided benchmarks for the state of the fleet.  Some issues raised included:

  • a time lag in attending to employee's mobile phone issues including repairs, change of user details, and application of services such as international roaming
  • a delay in the ordering and delivery of phone hardware
  • a lack of staffing resource to make timely changes to voice and data plans which would result in cost efficiencies
  • a lack of inhouse knowledge about new products on the market which could result in cost efficiencies
  • an overwhelming mass of paper bills which made meaningful comparative analysis almost impossible
  • an asset database that was incomplete and inaccurate

The first strategic action was to complete a SmartFleet Survey to benchmark the state of the CCA fleet. The SmartFleet Survey is a web-based survey tool developed by VoicePlus to audit the mobile fleet, authenticate User details, allocate cost centres, and identify low or no usage services. This process took place over 3 months and eventually resulted in the cancellation of 200 services for an immediate significant cost saving.

The result of the survey was a rationalisation of the mobile fleet and reassessment of all contracted voice and data plans to ensure cost efficiency. VoicePlus continuously studies individual usage patterns and recontracts employees to voice and data plans which more accurately met their needs.

The survey also resulted in an accurate Asset Register, which became the benchmark for all future mobility management including cost allocation and total cost of ownership.

VoicePlus initially implemented the Telstra Essentials solution which is provided at no charge to Telstra customers. An AccessPortal provided 24/7 access for procurement of mobile devices and contracted plans, as well as Telstra network services such as international roaming, SIM card replacement, and device repairs.

it soon became apparent that CCA needed a more sophisticated management service which included 

  • Telecom Expense Management
  • Device, Service and Plan optimisation
  • Management of the Device lifecycle, especially mid-life stages and staff turnover

VoicePlus now provides CCA with Atrium Managed Mobility, which was developed in collaboration with CCA over the past seven years, addressing issues as they arose within the CCA fleet, and applying new technologies to automate workflows. 

Atrium Managed Mobility manages the endpoint device requirements of enterprise business.  It  includes:

CCA Atrium Home Page screen shot2

  • Mobility and Endpoint computing management
  • Accountable Self-Service Online Procurement
  • Device/Plan/Service optimisation outcomes
  • Integrated Asset/Service register
  • Billing visibility and analytics
  • Business Intelligence analysis 
  • Outsourced Helpdesk
  • Return on Investment commitment
  • Service Level Agreements


Key Outcomes

  • Cost control
  • Network and device security
  • Financial management accuracy
  • Asset management integrity
  • End User productivity

Atrium Managed Mobility has delivered for Coca-Cola Amatil:

  • Outstanding value with a positive ROI from the introduction of Atrium Managed Mobility
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction arising from the automated self-service Atrium environment
  • Enhanced employee productivity arising from improvements in hardware delivery and device service management
  • Outstanding customer service meeting all SLAs

Atrium continues to evolve to meet the challenge of the constantly moving technology environment.

Since this award was presented, Atrium has expanded from managing the traditional mobile phone fleet to encorporate management of endpoint computing across mobility, fixed line, tablets, laptops, desktops, applications and endpoint IT consumables.

It has been integrated with EMM solutions such as VMWare AirWatch and IoT solutions such as Jasper. 

VoicePlus continues to innovate Atrium Managed Mobility in partnership with CCA.

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